World’s First 

Active Antimicrobial 

Adhesive Tapes, Dressings and Masks

TrioMed Technology neutralizes >99.9% of harmful

pathogens on the external surface

Antimicrobial • Hypoallergenic • Breathable


TrioMed Active Masks are on the front line,

protecting Canada’s First Responders.

TrioMed Antimicrobial Products

Absorbent Dressing

Waterproof Adhesive Tape

Medical Adhesive Tape

Active Surgical/Medical Mask

Porous Polymer Adhesive Tape

Our Technology

I3 BioMedical’s TrioMed Active Technology is based on the naturally occurring Tri-iodide molecules.

The fundamental application of tri-iodide as an antimicrobial harnesses the “Microbial Killing” efficiency in an Active molecule that activates to eliminate microbes with no toxic effects on humans.

I3 BioMedical’s molecular grafting manufacturing technology-enhanced products are available across Europe, Canada, Mexico, North Africa, Japan and geographically expanding.

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